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timer para saludo
« en: Junio 27, 2021, 02:21:39 pm »
.timer 1 10 /msg # 2,0Normas: 1No Spam 14(webs, Canales, publicidad) 1No Datos 14(Email, telefonos, redes sociales) 1No Insultos  14(Usuarios/Moderadores) 1No Acosos 14(Ofrecimientos de Sexo/Acosos) Procura siempre una buena conviviencia en el canal con los usuarios. }
hola gente... quiero hacer un timer cada media hora .. que salga este mensaje en el canal.... me ayudan como hacerlo gracias

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Re:timer para saludo
« Respuesta #1 en: Junio 28, 2021, 05:52:58 pm »
Deberías de leer la ayuda del mIRC solo oprime F1 y busca la sección de TIMERS ...

/timer[N/name] [-cdeomhipr] [time] <repetitions> <interval> <command>

Activates the specified timer to perform the specified command at a specified interval, and optionally at a specified time.


If you are not connected to a server and you start a timer, it defaults to being an offline timer which means it will continue to run whether you are connected to a server or not.


If you are connected to a server and you start a timer, it defaults to being an online timer, which means that if you disconnect from the server, it will be turned off. You can specify the -o switch to force it to be an offline timer.


/timer1 0 20 /ame is AWAY!


Timer1 will repeat an all channel action every 20 seconds until you stop the timer.


If you specify a delay of 0 seconds, the timer will trigger immediately after the calling script ends.


/timer5 10 60 /msg #games For more info on the latest games do /msg GaMeBoT info


Timer5 will repeat this message to channel #games every sixty seconds and stop after 10 times.


/timer9 14:30 1 1 /say It is now 2:30pm


This will wait until 2:30pm and will then announce the time once and stop.


To see a list of active timers type /timers. To see the setting for timer1 type /timer1. To deactivate timer1 type /timer1 off. To deactivate all timers type /timers off. If you are activating a new timer you do not need to specify the timer number, just use:


/timer 10 20 /ame I am not here!


And mIRC will allocate the first free timer it finds to this command.


If you specify the -c switch, this makes mIRC "catch up" a timer by executing it more than once during one interval if the real-time interval is not matching your requested interval.


If you specify the -m or -h switch, this indicates that the interval delay is in milliseconds.


Note: The -h switch creates a high-resolution multimedia timer. This type of timer should only be used in critical timer situations since it uses system resources heavily.


The -d switch ensures that a timer and any subsequent timers using the -d switch are triggered in that order.


If you specify the -e switch, this executes the command associated with the specified timer name, also works if you specify a wildcard name.


The $ltimer identifier returns the number of the timer that was just started by the /timer command.


Instead of using a number you can also specify a name for a timer.


/timershow 0 10 echo -a $nick $server $time


You can force identifiers to be re-evaluated when used in a /timer command by using the format $!me or $!time.


If you wish to turn off a range of timers, you can use a wildcard for the number, for example:


/timer3? off


Will turn off all timers from 30 to 39.


The -pr switches pause and resume a timer respectively.


The -i switch makes a timer dynamically associate with whatever happens to be the active connection. If a server window is closed, the timer is associated with the next available server window.

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Re:timer para saludo
« Respuesta #2 en: Junio 28, 2021, 07:43:18 pm »
muy bueno eso cadaver ... la verdad que no lo sabia .... eternas gracias  :)